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This CEO is out for blood

Originally posted on Fortune:
In the fall of 2003, Elizabeth Holmes, a 19-year-old sophomore at Stanford, plopped herself down in the office of her chemical engineering professor, Channing Robertson, and said, “Let’s start a company.” Robertson, who had seen thousands…

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An Update on the Life and Times of The Student Entrepreneur…and an Interview with Jamie Hutcheon, founder of Cocoa Ooze!

“Better late than never” is an expression I live by in life! For things like blogging, it kind of works. For other more mundane things like handing in reports or paying off witnesses, it doesn’t, trust me! The last six months … Continue reading

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Paul Delamere – Co-founder of Shindigger Brewing Co.

Ho ho ho. Nice to see you all again! After a 3 month hiatus, The Student Entreprenuer is back and better than ever (well, I think so anyway!). Have I got a Christmas cracker for you today, girls and boys! A few … Continue reading

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