The Apprentice 2013 – A review of Episode 11

A review of Episode 11 – Interviews


Welcome back to The Student Entrepreneur as we review what was the second last episode in this year’s series of The Apprentice and what an episode it was! Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts as we revisit this year’s interviews episode to find out which two lucky candidates would be progressing to the final!


Yes, that’s right, as usual when the process has whittled itself down to five potential candidates, then all they have to do is survive being interviewed by four of Lord Sugar’s nearest and dearest (well, in the business sense) advisors and hope and pray that they do enough to get through. Here’s a tip, lying doesn’t usually work…


I’ll now proceed to give a little description of each of the five candidates’ days.



For those of you who watched it, starting with the illogical nature of Jordan is a logical choice. Through the interviews it transpired that actually Jordan didn’t own of the company he was proposing Lord Sugar should invest in. How on earth did he manage to get this far?! It was a bad day all round for Jordan as he also failed to solve a Rubick’s cube in the three minutes he said it could take him. Claude didn’t much like him and called him a “parasite” and told him that the interview was terminated before he’d even had a chance to open his mouth. Deary, deary me, Jordan.



Luisa, unsurprisingly had written some rather negative things about former employers on her application and this didn’t go down to well with Margaret, who I have missed enormously again this year. Altogether though, I think Luisa has softened over the past eleven weeks and actually she came across quite credibly during the interviews throughout the day. Her idea was to design a bespoke baking accessory company to deliver tins, and cupcake holders and such like to bakeries.



This has to have been one of the most frustrating episodes in the history of The Apprentice as I’m sure half of Britain was screaming at Neil to change his foolish, foolish idea. He certainly is a very-hard worker and his oodles of self-belief but its that same self-belief which can also make him tunnel-visioned in terms of the wider picture. His idea was to set up a website for people to sell their own homes but proposed that he could make money by having estate agents advertise on the site. It was a complete business contradiction and as each adviser asked him to reconsider his idea and produce an alternative, he just refused to see that it wasn’t going to work. But how would he fare in the boardroom?



Fran has looked a little bit clueless through the series but obviously she’s got enough about her to survive for so long. She came across well in the interviews except perhaps one where she revealed that she’d just plucked the figure of £5 million that she had said she has made from her business, out of thin air. She didn’t subtly and slyly fit it in to her business plan, no she put it on the front page with a font size close to 700. She didn’t look the most credible of candidates at that stage but as someone dryly said later, her idea for a national exercise class certainly “had legs”.



Leah was criticised in the interviews for appearing very cold and that certainly came across when she ruthlessly told one of the advisers that she could see at least four places where his face could benefit from non-surgical cosmetic interventions which funnily enough, happened to be the premise of her business idea. She told the advisers that she wished to open a number of cosmetic clinics and proceeded to go into huge detail about her business plan but again her idea seemed to have potential.


SO, after probably one of the most gruelling experiences of their lives, the candidates then had to go and face Alan, Karen and Nick. It seemed that no sooner had Jordan sat down than he was the first to go! Lord Sugar looked a little annoyed as he told Jordan to leave citing the fact that because Jordan didn’t have any stake in the business, it would be impossible to invest in him. It was certainly the most straighforward of firings that Lord Sugar had to make. You could see the next one tearing him apart as he decided to let Neil go. Having performed so admirably for eleven long weeks, Lord Sugar was very disappointed that his idea had been so poor but also by the fact that Neil had failed to react to the pretty big hints from the advisors who had told him to change his idea. And so we were down to just the ladies and after being reassured on the ethics of her idea, Lord Sugar told Leah that she would be making the final! And at last, a break in the icy-cold facade as she looked genuinely delighted. So it was down to Luisa and Francesca for the final spot in the final and despite the fact that she has been a bit of a nighmare, Lord Sugar elected to let Luisa do battle with Leah in the final for a chance to be his next Apprentice!

chess leah luisa

And so, tonight we shall find out who will be Lord Sugar’s next Apprentice. I’ve probably got this wrong but I’m going for Leah to win it. Her idea just seems to be more profitable than Luisa’s. Who do you think will win it?


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